I got frightened. I hid under the bed. I saw there was my cat Coco. I got even more scared. I called my parents but they were sleeping. So I went to my older sister's room but her door was locked. So I went to my younger sister's room but she was doing some school work. I was so scared I started to cry. I went to my room, it was so dark I couldn't see anything. 20 minutes later I heard boom boom boom!!! Suddenly darkness enveloped the room my parents woke up they came running and wondering what's happening

100-word challenge

…suddenly, darkness enveloped the room…


  1. Well written, Taanvi. You have used full stops and capital letters really well. And this is a good compound sentence that joins two ideas together with a comma... "I went to my room, it was so dark I couldn't see anything."
    I wonder what caused the darkness in your room?


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